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Read This Before Filling Out Your Bracket!

Posted on: March 17, 2011 9:39 am
Edited on: March 17, 2011 9:40 am
Here you go, my picks.  Feel free to piggyback.

Final Fours + winners:

OSU, Duke, Kansas, Mich. St. - OSU over Kansas
OSU, Duke, Kansas, Florida - Duke over Kansas
OSU, Texas, Kansas, Pitt - Kansas over OSU
OSU, Duke, Notre Dame, Florida - OSU over Florida

A few key notes :
I know Michigan State has had a terrible season, and I really hate this team.  But I picked them preseason to win it all (Mich. St. over Ohio St.) so I had to throw them a bone.  They still have the talent to pull it off.

I am big on resumes when filling out my brackets.  What have you done?  That is why I like Florida, Notre Dame, and Texas.  The evidence:
Florida - 13-3 against the field.  Non-conf wins against Kansas St. and AT Florida St. and Xavier.  Big conf wins against Georgia (twice), Tennessee (3 times), Vanderbilt (3 times), and Kentucky.  That's a heck of a resume.  The only reason I didn't pick them (at least once) to win it all is they have some bad losses .  They lost to 4 teams not in the tourney and got blown out by Kentucky in the SEC Championship.  Still, I think they have a weak draw with BYU as their 3-seed.
Notre Dame - 14-6 against the field.  Big non conf wins against Georgia and AT Wisconsin (nobody wins at Wisconsin).  All six losses came to solid tournament teams (Syracuse, Kentucky, W. Virginia, etc.).  Problem is they got knocked out against Louisville on a neutral floor in the Big East tournament.  Still worth a Final Four look.
Texas - 8-5 against the field.  Big non conf wins against Illinois and AT North Carolina and Mich. St.  Plus a win AT Kansas.  This team is as talented as anyone, but they are YOUNG.  Their best players are freshmen, so what happens when they are matched up against Coach K and Nolan Smith? 

Teams that a lot of people will pick that I don't like:
Kentucky - Calipari has NEVER won against a higher seed.  End of story.
Syracuse - Unless Carmelo Anthony shows up, they will not make the Final Four.
North Carolina - Oh, the ACC... bad, bad, BAD league.  They have ONE non conf win: against Kentucky at home.  Other than that, who have they beaten? Clemson?  Florida State?  I am just not buying it.
Arizona - My goodness, I hope I am in some pools with people picking these chumps.  They are 4-6 against the field with all four wins coming against other Pac 10 schools (UCLA, Wash, and USC twice).  Did you watch USC lose to VCU last night?  Plus, 'Zona has lost every big road game including BYU and Oregon State (that's right, the Beavers).
San Diego State - Best win of the season?  At California, who finished in 5th place in the aforementioned Pac 10. 
UConn - I love Kemba Walker, but one man can only do so much.  I just hope the CAVS are watching when it comes time to make their pick in June.
Purdue - Does anyone remember them losing to Richmond earlier this year?  How about Iowa a couple weeks ago?  Watch out for St. Peters!
Louisville - I like, but don't love, Louisville.  This was the closest team to making the other list.
BYU - Slightly better than SDSU, but not by much.  Plus, they lost their second best player to suspension.
PITT - This is the big one!  They have a nice resume with a 10-5 record against the field and a non conf win against Texas.  BUT, two things: #1 Pitt has won 20 games nine years in a row.  9 years!  What do they have to show for it?  One Elite 8 and that's it.  #2 They lost their first game of their conf tourney.  When is the last time a team did that and then went on to the Final Four?  Answer: NEVER.

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